Speaking Truth to Power: Reflections on My Career at Microsoft    

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Truth is, Gates and Ballmer are creatures of an era that few, most especially their successor, want to see return. Both were consummate know-it-alls, convinced that no subject, no matter how subtle, was a match for their intellect. No expert’s analysis was ever more prescient than their own. No competitor could possibly match the insights of their superior strategic minds. They specialized in snap decisions and dominating their subordinates. But chalking up the shouting, on-the-spot firings, and alleged chair-throwing as simply “leader’s passion” misses a greater point: They perpetuated their toxic behavior by surrounding themselves almost exclusively with leaders who emulated that behavior.
China’s Cryptocurrency Plan Has a Powerful Partner: Big Brother    

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“As long as you aren’t committing any crimes and you want to make purchases that you don’t want others to know about, we still want to protect this kind of privacy,” Mr. Mu, the deputy director of the central bank’s payments department, said in another recent online lecture on China’s cryptocurrency plans.
A Filmmaker Set Out to Understand the Japanese Right. Now He’s Being Sued.    

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In Japan, some audience members said the movie revealed information unavailable in their history textbooks. Tsubasa Hirose, a freelance copywriter, wrote on her movie-reviewing blog that she had always thought comfort women “treated people at the hospital, like nurses.” “I didn’t know anything,” she wrote, “and I wasn’t given any opportunity to.”
The mysterious death of Mr. Misery    

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The cover of his second, eponymous solo album, released in 1995, features a grainy image of bodies falling from a high building. Another, 1996's Either/Or, was named after a book by Kierkegaard, in which the philosopher posited that the aesthete would eventually find himself in a state of despair. As one tribute article wryly noted, you couldn't say that Smith didn't warn you.
What College Admissions Offices Really Want - The New York Times    

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The rise of predictive analytics in admissions and financial aid has had the effect of automating and turbocharging the pressures that enrollment managers have always felt. Colleges’ predictive models and the specific nature of their inputs may differ somewhat from one institution to another, but the output is always the same: Admit more rich kids. That’s the message that almost every enrollment manager hears each spring, either obliquely or explicitly, and it was certainly the pressure that Pérez felt each time he opened up the latest PDF from Hardwick Day.
California just passed a landmark law to regulate Uber and Lyft    

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As employees, gig workers would have a safety net for the first time ever. The changes from the law will also reportedly benefit the state of California, which estimates that it loses $7 billion in tax revenue each year from companies that misclassify employees. California has the largest state economy in the country and is home to the Silicon Valley tech industry — which means its lawmakers have outsize influence in national politics. The law could lead other states to take similar action.
India’s Restaurants Rebel Against Food’s Delivery Apps    

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“Sometimes with all the discounts, it’s cheaper for the customer to order online than cook at home,” said Anurag Katriar, who runs a group of European-style restaurants under the Indigo brand and heads the Mumbai chapter of the restaurant association. “For the aggregators, it’s the number of users and clicks that builds their value.”
This U.S. Warship Threatens Iran (From 600 Miles Away) - The New York Times    

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In short, the Navy has carried out the order of its commander in chief to counter Iran in the Middle East, but in the least provocative way. Just where to station the Lincoln — one of the country’s 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers — is a decision made by the Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which has its headquarters in Bahrain. The fear is that sending an aircraft carrier through the narrow Strait of Hormuz, right when Mr. Trump has turned up the heat on Tehran, could provoke exactly the kind of conflict the Pentagon wants to avoid. “Anytime a carrier moves close to shore, and especially into confined waters, the danger to the ship goes up significantly,”
How Uber Got Lost - The New York Times    

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But there’s growth, there’s growth at all costs, and then there’s Uber’s version of growth at all costs. By 2015, some company insiders believed Mr. Kalanick had an obsession with global expansion that crossed a line. He had tapped Ed Baker, a former Facebook executive, to increase South American ridership. In Brazil, Mr. Baker encouraged city managers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to amass as many riders and drivers as possible. To limit “friction,” Uber allowed riders to sign up without requiring them to provide identity beyond an email — easily faked — or a phone number. Most Brazilians used cash far more frequently than credit cards, which meant that after a long shift, a driver could be expected to be carrying a lot of money. Thieves and angry taxi cartels struck.
I Shared My Phone Number. I Learned I Shouldn’t Have.    

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All that Mr. Tezisci, the researcher, had to do was plug my number into White Pages Premium, an online database that charges $5 a month for access to public records. He then did a thorough web search and followed a data trail — linking my name and address to information in other online background-checking tools and public records — to track down more details.
CloudFlare dropping 8chan helps fight hate even if 8chan comes back    

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This may mark a shift comparable to the one that has affected social-media platforms like Facebook. There was a time when they insisted that they were neutral platforms and could not be responsible for policing hate speech in any way. That time is long gone; Facebook now employs 30,000 content moderators. But up until now there was a general agreement that hosting companies like CloudFlare, which did not publish content themselves, could remain neutral. Now that, too, can no longer be taken for granted.
Life in a City Without Water: Anxious, Exhausting and Sweaty    

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Forsake the washing machine, and hand wash everything with two carefully rationed buckets of water. To avoid a fight, fill only four pots when the water tanker arrives. Only once everyone has had their share should you consider going back for more.
‘Some Suburb of Hell’: America’s New Concentration Camp System    

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Is it possible this growth in the camp system will be temporary and the improvised border camps will soon close? In theory, yes. But the longer they remain open, the less likely they are to vanish. When I visited the camps for Rohingya Muslims a year before the large-scale campaign of ethnic cleansing began, many observers appeared to be confusing the possible and the probable. It was possible that the party of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi would sweep into office in free elections and begin making changes. It was possible that full democracy would come to all the residents of Myanmar, even though the government had stripped the Rohingya of the last vestiges of their citizenship. These hopes proved to be misplaced. Once there are concentration camps, it is always probable that things will get worse.
‘Some Suburb of Hell’: America’s New Concentration Camp System    

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Without a significant government effort to reverse direction, conditions in every camp system tend to deteriorate over time. Governments rarely make that kind of effort on behalf of people they are willing to lock up without trial in the first place. And history shows that legislatures do not close camps against the will of an executive.
The Indian Diaspora’s Influence on the General Election    

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INDIA diaspora elections politics    

From the perspective of the Indian political parties, this diaspora support is crucial. While the NRIs’ financial and technical support is important, Sharma added, “In ideological terms, the NRI community has always been a placeholder for the success of the entrepreneurial Indian who has made it. An NRI is seen by many in India as a mark of success and influence. For an influential NRI to back a political party or candidate can become a very strong endorsement.
Tesla is the new Theranos    

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The other salient fact was that most senior employees actually knew that something wasn’t quite right, but feared losing their jobs or getting sued if they did anything about it. Therefore, employee turnover was off the charts but no one was willing to risk their career by saying anything publicly. However, when Theranos started risking customers’ lives, the secret got out pretty fast. This is because most people are inherently ethical—especially when they know that their employer is doing something immoral, like releasing flawed lab results to sick patients. Eventually, some employees felt compelled to become whistle-blowers and started to reach out to journalists and regulators. This started a cascading event.
Jack Dorsey is the Gwyneth Paltrow of Silicon Valley    

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Still, Mr. Dorsey finds time for himself. For 10 days a year, he sits in silence at a meditation retreat. Before getting dressed each morning, he experiments with using his home infrared sauna and then an ice bath, sometimes cycling through both several times before he leaves home. He walks five miles to work. He eats one meal a day and has said that on the weekends when he fasts from Friday to Saturday, “time slows down.”
The Productivity Myth    

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One problem is precedent. Traditional industries like manufacturing have concrete ways to measure efficiency. If you can produce more goods over time with fewer resources, you’ve increased your productivity. It’s a mindset that dates back to at least the Industrial Revolution, and it’s a tempting blueprint for any modern-day business.
English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadow    

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A thin, diminutive man who occasionally broke into a grin during the hourslong conversation with The New York Times, Mr. Khalifa said he immigrated as a child from Saudi Arabia to Toronto, where he learned to speak much like a native Canadian. He said he had studied computer systems technology and worked for a contracting company before leaving for Syria — drawn to the battlefield by watching YouTube. Terrorism experts say it is hard to overstate the role his effortless English narration played in bringing the terrorist group’s propaganda to English speakers and luring some of them to its cause.
How Does Spotify Know You So Well?    

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Spotify doesn’t actually use a single revolutionary recommendation model. Instead, they mix together some of the best strategies used by other services to create their own uniquely powerful discovery engine.

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