Teens Addicted to Juul Flavor Pods Have Parents Furious: Devil’s Playbook - Bloomberg  

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It was Friday, one of the last before school started, and the first home game would be played that night at Stanford Stadium. Burke was a die-hard fan. He’d had season tickets, with the same seats in the upper deck, for years. And for as long as he could remember, the same person had had the seats right in front of him: Jim Steyer. Many people knew Steyer because of his younger brother, Tom, the billionaire founder of the San Francisco hedge fund Farallon Capital Management and a former member of Stanford’s board of trustees (and later a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for president). Jim was eminent in his own right, as a civil rights professor at Stanford and longtime advocate for children.
Bill Gates’s Carefully Curated Dad-Geek Image Unravels in Two Weeks - Bloomberg  

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This was also supposed to be a year of focus on climate change for Bill, with the billionaire raising a call to arms via the February launch of his book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” and rallying global leaders and regular consumers to invest in green-tech research, fix carbon regulations and buy more electric cars and less meat. Instead, he got a few months of book touring before the world’s eyes darted to his divorce.
米 パイプラインのサイバー攻撃 “ロシアの集団が関与” FBI | サイバー攻撃 | NHKニュース  

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Jobs Report April 2021: U.S. Added 266,000 Positions as Hiring Slowed  

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She said she has been making less than half of her previous salary, creating something of an inescapable cycle: She cannot afford to send her son to day care for more than two days a week, and her child-care responsibilities are preventing her from taking a full-time job. In addition, she said, she has an autoimmune illness, making the possibility of contracting Covid-19 in the workplace especially harrowing.
Seeing the Real Faces of Silicon Valley - The New York Times  

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“We never had these opportunities back home, in Iran. I know that — I don’t want to complain,” she added. “When I tell people I’m living in the Bay Area, they say: ‘You’re so lucky — it must be like heaven! You must be so rich.’” But the emotional toll can be weighty. “We are sometimes happy, but also very anxious, very stressed. You have to be worried if you lose your job, because the cost of living is very high, and it’s very competitive. It’s not that easy — come here, live in California, become a millionaire. It’s not that simple
Stevey's Google Platforms Rant  

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You wouldn't really think that an online bookstore needs to be an extensible, programmable platform. Would you? Well, the first big thing Bezos realized is that the infrastructure they'd built for selling and shipping books and sundry could be transformed an excellent repurposable computing platform. So now they have the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and the Amazon Elastic MapReduce, and the Amazon Relational Database Service, and a whole passel' o' other services browsable at These services host the backends for some pretty successful companies, reddit being my personal favorite of the bunch. The other big realization he had was that he can't always build the right thing. I think Larry Tesler might have struck some kind of chord in Bezos when he said his mom couldn't use the goddamn website. It's not even super clear whose mom he was talking about, and doesn't really matter, because nobody's mom can use the goddamn website. In fact I myself find the website disturbingly daunting, and I worked there for over half a decade. I've just learned to kinda defocus my eyes and concentrate on the million or so pixels near the center of the page above the fold.
Google’s Plan for the Future of Work: Privacy Robots and Balloon Walls - The New York Times  

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Google is trying to get a handle on how employees will react to so-called hybrid work. In July, the company asked workers how many days a week they would need to come to the office to be effective. The answers were divided evenly in a range of zero to five days a week, said Mr. Radcliffe. The majority of Google employees are in no hurry to return. In its annual survey of employees called Googlegeist, about 70 percent of roughly 110,000 employees surveyed said they had a “favorable” view about working from home compared with roughly 15 percent who had an “unfavorable” opinion.
Jonathan Ive and the Future of Apple | The New Yorker  

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His [Jony Ive's] roots are working class: his paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were skilled metalworkers. His father, Michael, now retired, was a secondary-school teacher of design and technology, and then a government adviser on design education. Ive’s mother was a theology teacher and, later, a therapist; his younger sister became a consultant for nonprofits in London. Marc Newson sees an economic similarity between Ive’s upbringing and his own. “Neither of us came from particularly privileged backgrounds,” he said, when we met. “A lot of what I’ve done has been an effort to try to have the things that I didn’t own when I was a child.” Newson was carrying a six-thousand-dollar Louis Vuitton backpack, of his own design. Ive, the owner of a jet, was twenty-one before he experienced air travel.
Changes at Basecamp  

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This may look like compression. A reduction, an elimination. And it is. It's precisely that. We're compressing X to allow for expansion in Y. A return to whole minds that can focus fully on the work we choose to do. A return to a low-ceremony steady state where we can make decisions and move on. A return to personal responsibility and good faith trust in one another to do our own individual jobs well. A return to why we started the company. A return to what we do best.
Basecamp's new etiquette regarding societal politics at work  

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By trying to have the debates around such incredibly sensitive societal politics inside the company, we're setting ourselves up for strife, with little chance of actually changing anyone's mind. These types of discussions are so difficult that even if we were having them at the best of times, together in person, with trust batteries fully charged, we'd struggle. And we have none of those advantages right now, so it's not a surprise the results have been poor.
OPEC Is Cautious About All That Unused Oil Stored Around the World - Bloomberg  

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The group concentrated on stock levels in the OECD because, as I’ve written before, they are the most visible. The U.S. provides detailed numbers on a weekly basis, and most of the other members report inventory levels monthly. That’s in stark contrast to countries like China, where inventory is regarded as a state secret and not reported at all.
Global Middle Class Income 2021: Covid Hits Prospects in Emerging Markets  

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Taken together, Pew’s middle-income and upper-middle-income brackets encompass roughly 2.5 billion people—or a third of the world’s population. Buried inside these big numbers are many personal stories. Here we bring you four, from India, Brazil, South Africa, and Thailand. They’re tales of hard-won successes that evaporated overnight, along with well-paying jobs. Of once-­accessible luxuries, like steak for dinner or home internet access, now out of reach. Of dreams deferred, whether an automobile or an apartment.
ビジネス特集 「半沢頭取」が語る銀行 “いまの延長線上に未来はない” | NHKニュース  

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Wall Street: Archegos Collapse Is Business as Usual, Not a Disaster - Bloomberg  

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Although some banks may have made unfortunate decisions, it’s not true this risk was hidden or that there are not good systems to manage the risk. The first line of defense is the credit departments, which much approve all counterparties. These analysts had full insight into Archegos’ capital position, position sizes, risk management, processes, strategy and other factors. The credit department is not allowed to share this information with traders or prime brokerage staff, but it does examine this information carefully before approval and monitors it rigorously afterwards.
Japan's Nuclear Past Complicates Its Green Future - Bloomberg  

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On many fronts, nuclear power remains an almost perfect solution for a resource-poor island nation like Japan: it requires minimal overseas fuel, takes up little land—unlike solar and onshore wind—and produces carbon-free power around the clock. In fact, the government was targeting atomic energy to eventually be its main source of electricity right up until the Fukushima disaster. Yet some 39% of Japanese people want all nuclear plants closed, according to a February survey.
Biggest Players in the Short-Selling Game Are Getting a Pass - Bloomberg  

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While securities lending accounted for $652 million, or just 4%, of BlackRock’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020, there’s little cost involved and the risks are low because borrowers have to put up collateral that equals or exceeds the value of the loan. At both BlackRock and State Street Corp., the second-largest custody bank, the value of securities on loan as of Dec. 31 jumped at least 20% from a year earlier, to $352 billion and $441 billion, respectively. ... “It’s very important to remember that institutional investors earn substantial returns from participating in the securities-lending market,” Citadel’s Griffin said at the GameStop hearing. “That accrues to the benefit of pension plans, of ETFs, of other pools of institutional lending that participate in the securities lending market.”
Hong Kong's Trusted Independent Judiciary Approaches Its Twilight - Bloomberg  

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Just how awkward a matter this is for Hong Kong authorities could be seen in how officials tied themselves in knots last year over the question of “separation of powers” — a doctrine that underpins Western constitutional democracy and is disliked by the Communist Party, since it implies a power base that is beyond the party’s control. This left Chief Executive Carrie Lam insisting illogically that Hong Kong both has no separation of powers and, as the Basic Law states, an independent judiciary.
What to Watch as China Rolls Out Economic Plan to Overtake U.S. - Bloomberg  

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Alongside its work report for this year, the government will also release economic goals for 2021-2025. The five-year plan is a hangover from the planned-economy era, when specific targets for output of steel and other products were set. Since then the document has become mainly a list of general aspirations, but it sets the tone of policy and includes some numerical targets.
Inflation 2021: Malnutrition and Hunger Fears Rise as Food Prices Soar Globally - Bloomberg  

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The increases might not be immediately obvious to shoppers. Instead of raising the sticker price, retailers may cut back on multi-buy deals or special promotions. Last year, the number of grocery items sold on promotion in the U.S. dropped by 20 percentage points, according to NielsenIQ data, partly because pandemic-driven logistical challenges squeezed supply.
Trapped in Germany’s COVID nightmare – POLITICO  

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The immunization delays, he warned, are throttling Germany’s economy, a fact the country’s political class seems to take in stride as they bemoan the inevitability of it all on television. The violations of citizens’ basic rights, be they to run a business, receive an education or simply meet with friends in the park, is only temporary, they assure us.

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