Find One Person Who Gives A Shit. The Rest Is Easy.  

written by J. A. Westenberg. added over 1 year ago by @kshitij10496 ARCHIVES

Growth Marketing    

So how do you get to one person? How do you make one person care? It’s easy. You identify a persona, you find someone who matches that persona, and you hit them up. I like to look for creatives who are doing something similar to me. Bloggers, writers, artists — whoever it is. Then I go on Twitter. I find their audience, and I find some of the people who follow their work, and I get to know them. I reach out and explain that I found them because we’re both fans of the same creative. And I want to share my work with them. I have an 80% response rate from people I reach out to in this way. Almost everyone will take the time to check out your work, as long as you aren't spamming them or being disrespectful. This isn't a situation where you can blast out an email or a tweet to a hundred people, it has to be extremely personal and tailored.

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