Your guide to UPI — the world’s most advanced payments system  

written by Sasi Desai, Nipun Jasuja, Piyush Khandekar. added almost 4 years ago by @icyflame ARCHIVES

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As our payment solutions evolved, so did our societal structures — from an era where everyone was equal in a community to a society torn apart based on level of access to the formal economy. India is one such land of economic extremes. It sits in the top five list for two categories — (i) maximum number of billionaires, and (ii) maximum number of people living under poverty. In recent years, India’s rapidly growing GDP has created a chasm between a rich minority and a poor majority. The top 1% of India controls over 50% of its wealth, while the bottom half of the country barely scrapes by on 4% of the wealth. This level of inequality is unmatched anywhere in the world (except for South Africa).

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