The Dystopic Leftist Youth of Reddit and Facebook    

written by Corin Faife. added over 1 year ago by @icyflame ARCHIVES

capitalism memes    

Socialism has always been a heavily charged topic in American public life. In the wake of the Cold War, it became toxic by association, banished to the fringes of mainstream politics, championed by labor unions or campus clubs but seldom by mass movements. Slogans and viral images did not by any stretch bring socialism back, but for a younger, digitally connected generation, they function as a gateway into centuries-old traditions of leftist thought. “Obviously memes aren’t the be-all and end-all of political engagement, but they can often help explain and engage young people in a discourse that they get shut out of,” an 18-year-old student told Broadly in a feature on how meme culture is getting teens into Marxism.

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