Why generosity turns to rage: A guide for advanced developers  

written by A Jesse. added almost 4 years ago by @icyflame ARCHIVES

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If you joined a community with the intent to be helpful but on occasion find yourself flying into a rage, I have a method to prevent this. For me, it is the step when I ask myself, "Am I angry?" Knowing is most of the battle. Online, however, we can lose track of our emotions. It is well-established that one reason we are cruel on the internet is because, without seeing or hearing the other person, our natural empathy is not activated. But the other problem with the internet is that, when we use computers, we lose awareness of our bodies. I can be angry and type a sarcastic message without even knowing I am angry. I do not feel my heart pound and my neck grow tense. So, the most important step is to ask myself, "How do I feel?" If I am too angry to answer, I can usually walk away. ... If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.

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