Refusing to Stay Silent - Venezuela    

written by Leopoldo Lopez. added over 1 year ago by @icyflame ARCHIVES

venezuela politics crisis    

Q: I am struggling to really understand Why is Leo doing this? Why is he continuing to talk to you? A: Ah, man, I wish I knew. I try to understand it. We talk about it. I don't think I can wrap my head fully around it. The honest truth is I wouldn't do it in his position. I think that part of the explanation for him is the despair of the country around him. The chaos in the country of Venezuela is profound. You have masses of starving people. Levels of crime and violence are very high, Caracas has the highest murder rate in the world. The exodus of refugees fleeing Venezuela is on a scale that the Western hemisphere has never seen before. It compares to the Syrian refugee crisis or the flight of the Rohingya to Bangladesh.

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