The Great Firewall of China  

written by Geremie R. Barme and Sang Ye. added about 4 years ago by @icyflame ARCHIVES

china government 1997    

In the People's Republic, coded communications are second nature, developed over years of mass surveillance, people reading other people's mail and diaries, tapping phones, and generally being inquisitive about your affairs. The idea that the walls have ears doesn't shock anyone. In conversation, for instance, com-ments about the weather often carry a political subtext. Low temperatures and storms indicate that the shit has hit the fan; extreme heat can mean that things are precarious for the individual, their company, or inside the government. The Chinese language's rich imagery and telegraphic allusions can make it hard for censors to discern subversive messages from poetic flights of fancy. Not that it stops them from trying.

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