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I literally have the words “pick your brain” I have that as a Gmail filter, so if somebody emails me saying “I’d love to buy you lunch so I can pick your…” they’re filtered and they go immediately in the trash. Yeah I’m completely like, how I start meetings, I literally was running one last week and a woman stopped me and she works at one of the biggest publishers in the city, and she’s like “I want to have lunch with you and discuss with you this thing I’m building, I think you could be a really big part of it”. And I looked at her and I was like “What is it and what are the actionables”. And she was like “well lets sit down, and lets have a…” And I was like, I have three minutes right now, tell me what it is and tell me what you want from me. And she could not do that, she couldn’t do it. So there’s no fuckin’ way I’m giving this woman and hour of my time.

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